New Community Woodland in Yalding

In 2023, MBC funded a new community woodland in Yalding. The project saw the Council partner with Medway Valley Countryside Partnership (MVCP) and Maidstone Victory Angling Society (MVAS) to plant a total of 1,450 trees adjacent to the River Medway.

Volunteers from the MVAS helped MVCP plant the final 700 trees in January 2024, completing this fantastic project which will benefit the local environment.

Planting trees and increasing woodland cover is a powerful solution to combating climate change and mitigating increasing global temperatures. Tree planting comes with additional benefits including increasing biodiversity and water retention, while reducing soil degradation and rising temperatures, as well as benefits for mental wellbeing and health.

Congratulations to MVCP and MVAS for organising and planting the new community woodland and to the volunteers who gave up their time to help make the project such a success!

MVCP runs volunteer action groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Volunteers help staff to deliver important conservation projects including pond creation, building woodland steps and paths, wildlife gardening, hedge laying, tree planting, seed collecting and much more. If you would like to get involved please contact