Maidstone Nurseries awarded Wilder Kent Gold Award 2023 for the second year running

Pennies Nursery has retained a Wilder Kent Award Gold status for both of their Maidstone settings, Hockers Lane and Newnham Court. The Wilder Kent Awards, presented by Kent Wildlife Trust, recognise those who have demonstrated exceptional engagement with nature and shown remarkable support for the environment.

A core aspect of the work at Pennies Nursery involves forging win/win partnerships with local groups actively involved in sustainability. By extending support to these initiatives, Pennies not only contributes to the betterment of their local community but also enriches the learning experiences of children. The valuable materials and knowledge gained from these collaborations are passed on to the children, fostering a deeper understanding of the local environment and their role in safeguarding it for the future.

A good example of these win/win partnerships is Pennies ongoing work with Detling Parish Council. Pennies has used funds over the last two years to install bug accommodation in Monks Meadow and Horish Wood, both of which are green spaces managed by Detling Parish Council with limited footfall. The bug accommodation is located in places children can easily spot them, helping the children engage with nature. Using these learnings in the nursery has been central in Hockers Lane achieving a Wilder Kent Gold award and also helped with a successful Eco-Schools Green Flag application in 2023.

Pennies Nursery is looking for new partners who will work with them on win/win sustainability projects which help the environment, whilst educating pre-school children. If you are interested in working with Pennies Nursery please contact Neil Nixon at