Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council work to tackle the climate emergency

On 19th September 2019 Boughton Monchelsea Parish Council declared its recognition of global climate and biodiversity emergencies. Since then, they have worked hard on climate change mitigation and supporting greater biodiversity in the area. The parish aims have been strongly supported by the community who are keen to address the Climate and Biodiversity crisis. Without the support of many residents none of their work would be possible.  

A recent project was to modernise the 1970’s Village Hall so it was fit for 21st century living. As well as an internal redesign, the building is also being made more energy efficient and carbon friendly. Work has started on phase one of the project and includes cavity wall insulation in all external walls and air source heat pumps for the main hall area to replace the old gas boiler driven system which will be de-commissioned. Also included in this first phase is the fitting of 42 PV panels on the roof with 2 battery storage facilities and 3 external EV charging points. Phase two of the project will see major works to the interior redesign but will also include the application of thermal insulation to the exterior of the building.

Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust Projects

Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust (BMAT) was established in the 1990's and set up by the Parish Council with the objective of protecting open countryside. Over 30 years on, BMAT now owns or has option agreements on approximately 300 acres of land in and around the parish, some of which is leased back to farmers, and the remainder of the land is public open space. Around 100 acres of land is dedicated to projects that address the Climate Change and Biodiversity emergencies, such as:

- Salts Wood- a 32-acre site planted with approx. 22,000 native trees, insect hotels, bird and bat boxes. The site has been completed using carbon capture funding.

- Firmins Field- a 1 acre piece of land donated to BMAT by the Firmin family. 750 native trees have been planted, along with a small wildflower meadow planted by children from Boughton Monchelsea primary school.

- Walk Meadow- this 13-acre site has been sensitively managed over the last 25 years to provide a variety of habitat for wildlife. The local community planted 1,500 trees several years ago and this year a new wildflower meadow and wildlife pond were created.

- Lyewood- an exciting, fully funded, new project on a 15-acre site in front of the new Lyewood housing development. The project, which should start during this planting season, will include the development of a species rich grassland area, a chestnut coppice, a small wetland area, and native woodland planting.

Volunteer with Friends of Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust

Are you interested in getting involved with the work in Boughton Monchelsea? Friends of Boughton Monchelsea Amenity Trust is a community led group that aims to inform local residents about the Trust, encouraging them to get involved, to get outdoors and to enjoy the beautiful green spaces here in Boughton Monchelsea. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of BMAT please contact them by emailing