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Planting Wildflower Meadows

Maidstone saw an explosion of colour this summer with the creation of seven stunning wildflower meadows across the borough as part of their pollinator project.

The creation of the meadows was a pilot project to create better opportunities for wildlife and help increase biodiversity.  Maidstone Borough Council workers prepared the land in spring, ready for volunteers to come along and sow wildflower seeds to brighten the neighbourhoods and create purposeful habitats for bees and other wildlife.

Areas included: Grovewood Drive North, Shepway Green, Parkwood Recreation Ground, South Park, Whatman Park, Bearsted Road, Gatland Lane Recreation Ground.

Over the summer months as poppies, cornflowers and many other wildflowers and grasses appeared, the wildflower meadows became an attractive and uplifting addition to the borough. They also played an important role in improving biodiversity by providing food, shelter and habitats for many small creatures and important pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

As the flowers die off its important to let them complete their full lifecycle and reseed. Even when they are past their prime, its important to remember they still have purpose.

Next summer the meadows will reappear with more variety and colour. Also look out for further opportunities to create new wildflower meadows  2020!