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Oakwood Park Grammar Create Wildlife Areas

Oakwood Park Grammar Green Club have been working hard to create wildlife areas, with the help of a Go Green Go Wild small grant.

Oakwood Park Grammar are a great example of how schools, community groups or individuals can get involved with Go Green Go Wild and improve opportunities for nature and wildlife. With the help of the Go Green Go Wild Small Grant Scheme they are creating their own wildlife areas around the school.

The school says:

'Oakwood Park Grammar School cares about sustainability, we are starting to create practical changes, through education, support, and inspiration projects around the school and the local community to help create a greater ethos of sustainability.

The Green Club, set up by Mrs Alltimes, consists of several volunteers, students aged between 11 and 18, as well as a few members of staff, who are passionate about local sustainable projects, national environmental issues and wildlife conservation.

Wildlife has suffered with a huge amount of habitat loss in the last few decades and so the Green Club has decided to create a few wildlife areas around the school to encourage birds, insects and bee’s as well as plant more trees to help support the net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

One of the wildlife areas was a wildflower meadow, the group felt this was particularly important, because it would provide a vital wild space to the much-endangered bee population.'

Students planting in the school wildlife gardenNew plants in the wildlife garden