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Seed Bomb Activity

Local Children Sow Tree Seeds For The Future

A group of children from Palace Wood and East Farleigh Primary schools met to help the environment in their own way - tree bombing.

Liz White decided to organise a ‘tree bombing’ exercise for her daughters to try and teach them a sense of  responsibility towards the environment.  She said “My daughters are 6 and 3 years old and although I support those who march in support of environmental issues, joining a march or rally it is not something I would do with the children - mostly because my eldest hates crowds - so I thought of another way to help which is quick, fun and engaging for their age groups.”

After researching online, Liz ordered a box of 101 Alder tree seed bombs.  The trees are native to England and thrive in wetter conditions.

Liz contacted the Maidstone Borough Council to ask if they would recommend any areas for the tree bombing to take place and was given permission to scatter the seeds at Mallards Way, Downswood, a long the banks of the River Len.

The 5 children and their parents met at Mallards Way and scattered the seed bombs with gusto. Packed in charcoal and clay, the seeds have nutrients to start off their growth and ensuring they were distributed on the perfect boggy land has given them the best chance of survival.

The children threw them in the undergrowth, poked them into mole hills, hid them by the rivers edge and some even ended up in the River Len itself - where they will no doubt float down to Mote Park.

The tree bombing was huge fun, quick and easy.  Liz said “The children loved it and want to come back to see if any seeds start to grow in the spring!  Thank you to MBC for supporting this - I hope to make it a regular event extending the invitation to more children, spreading tree seeds to help reach that crucial 1 trillion trees planted to hopefully help counteract climate change.”

Children taking part in tree seed sowing